2017 Scholarship Competition Vocal Guidelines

2017 Scholarship Competition Vocal Guidelines

  • Only judges, timekeepers and students are allowed in the performance room. Parents, family members and teachers are invited to wait in designated areas.
  • Students should choose a piece of music from the standard vocal repertory such as oratorio, folksongs of America and other countries, classical, Broadway songs, spirituals, or sacred songs. (Rock, rap, hip-hop are not acceptable.) Judges will pay special attention to the selection of music performed.
  • Students are expected to furnish their own accompanist, or recording and player, without amplification.
  • Students are expected to sing their audition material by memory.
  • Students will provide three copies of the musical selection to be performed with all of the measures numbered, for the judges’ use. Judges will use then destroy.
    Students will be identified by number ONLY.
  • No student will be judged by immediate family or current teachers/instructors Judges will have no discussion with the students during the performance.
  • The performance must be at least a minimum duration of 1 1⁄2 (one and one-half) minutes, but not more than, three (3) minutes; judges will stop the audition at 3 (three) minutes with no penalty.
  • Appropriate dress is in order when performing. Tennis shoes, t-shirts and ragged jeans are considered inappropriate.

Students are judged on a 1-10 scale for each criteria, with a total possible score of 50 points. Adherence to Guidelines will be reflected in score.

Students will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. TONE QUALITY – Singing with a free and clear tone, one with beauty and desirable timbre. Not a harsh tone.
  2. DICTION – Singing with clarity of consonants and purity of vowels.
  3. RHYTHM – Being careful to give each note its assigned length of time value.
  4. INTONATION – Singing in tune with correct pitches.
  5. MUSICAL/ARTISTIC RENDITION – Expressiveness, style, phrasing and choice of music.

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