2017 Scholarship Competition Visual Arts Guidelines

2017 Scholarship Competition Visual Arts Guidelines

  • Only judges, timekeepers and students are allowed in the performance room.
  • Parents, family members and teachers are invited to wait in designated areas.
  • Students should bring a minimum of three, and no more than five, works of art in any medium, and may bring sketch books if available. A maximum of five pieces are permitted.
  • Students will be identified by number ONLY.
  • Judges will have no discussion with the student artist except when asking the student INTERVIEW QUESTIONS - as in #5 - of the criteria below.
  • No student will be judged by immediate family or current teachers/instructors.

Students are judged on a scale of 1-10 with a total possible score of 50 points. Adherence to Guidelines will be reflected in score.

Student is judged on the following criteria:

  1. DESIGN – Cohesiveness of composition.
  2. EXPRESSION - Communicative quality and variety of work.
  3. ORIGINALITY - Novel and unique solutions.
  4. USE OF MEDIA - Proficiency and technique and ideas.
  5. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS – Students will be asked questions about their artwork.

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