2017 Scholarship Competition Piano Guidelines

2017 Scholarship Competition Piano Guidelines

  • Only judges, timekeepers and students are allowed in the performance room. Parents, family members, and teachers are invited to wait in designated areas.
    Students will prepare a memorized recital piece of a minimum duration of 1-1⁄2 (one and one-half) minutes, not to exceed 3 (three) minutes.
  • Students performing with sheet music will be evaluated only and will not qualify for a grant award.
  • Students must bring (3) copies of the music to the Competition. Judges will use; then destroy.
  • Grand piano is provided.
  • Students will be identified by number ONLY.
  • Timing will begin when the student begins playing their first note.
  • Students should come ready to perform at their assigned time. There are no practice rooms. No warm-up notes or passages will be permitted on stage. If any type of warm-up passage is played, the time will be deducted from the total performance time, and may result in a lower score.
  • No student will be judged by immediate family or current teachers/instructors. Upon taking the stage, students should state their number and the title and composer of the music they are performing.
  • Judges will have no discussion with the students during the performance.
    Students are judged on a scale of 1-10 for each criteria with a total possible score of 50 points. Adherence to Guidelines will be reflected in score.

Students will be judged on the following criteria

  1. CHOICE AND DIFFICULTY OF REPERTOIRE-Stylistic integrity, technical clarity.
  2. TECHNIQUE - Dexterity, accuracy, dynamics, tone quality, articulations, etc.
  3. MUSICIANSHIP - Contrast, phrasing, rhythm, style, tempo, etc.
  4. INTERPRETATION - True to composer’s indications in the music.

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